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I am Mark Carter, owner of Birding and Wildlife. I live and work in heart of the Australian arid-zone. 

After years travelling and working in Scotland, mainland Europe and North Africa, in 2005 I settled in Alice Springs, Central Australia. I am a skilled birder, zoologist and ecotourism guide and have worked for several organisations in that time including Alice Springs Desert Park, NT Parks and Wildlife,  Tourism NT and a Larapinta Trail trekking company. In 2010 I began offering wildlife guiding and zoology consultancy services in Central Australia- the only business of this nature in the region. After a spell in Western Australia as a full time field zoologist working on threatened species such as Pilbara Leaf-nosed Bats, Greater Bilby and Night Parrot, I returned to Alice Springs in 2013 and relaunched my guiding business. In 2015 I branched out, making the most of my intimate local wildlife knowledge to offer in-depth wildlife photography workshops  and exciting photo tours. I have ongoing research interests in acoustic bird survey methods, ethnozoology and conservation biology of poorly-known desert fauna. Currently I am engaged in research focussed on the Night Parrot and observational studies of the rare Grey Honeyeater in the Northern Territory and assisting in research into NT Grasswren populations using bioacoustics. 





Mark conducting bird surveys in the Kimberley WA

Mark conducting bird surveys in the Kimberley WA

The complexity and diversity of wildlife in Australia’s deserts is simply stunning. To share this with others is one of the highlights of my work.
— Mark Carter