Coming soon: Where to find Birds in the Red Centre

A guide to birding journeys in Central Australia written by resident expert Mark Carter. Find the star birds: Painted Finch, Dusky Grasswren, Grey Honeyeater, Rufous-crowned Emuwren, Inland Dotterel and much much more!


Thank you for your interest in Birding and Wildlife; the Alice Springs-based wildlife-services enterprise operated by Mark Carter.

Work is now underway in producing two new resources for the self-guided wildlife traveller: Where to find Birds in the Red Centre, and Where to find Wildlife in the Red Centre. These will be the first wildlife-finding guides covering Central Australia written by a resident expert and will contain the most thoroughly researched up-to-date information.

Please note: Guided tour operations ceased in March 2019 and will not resume in the foreseeable future.