Custom Wildlife photography tours

Photography tours crafted to make the most of the incredible wildlife and landscapes of Central Australia. 


Professional Services

Private hides

The only NT photo tour operator with legal permits to feed fauna for photography

Equipment loan available

Wild Dingo ©Mark Carter 2018

Wild Dingo ©Mark Carter 2018

One day photo tours

  • Focus on iconic species of the Alice Springs region such as Parrots, Rock-wallabies, Robins, Spinifex Pigeons, Raptors, Dingo and Dusky Grasswren.

  • A fixed itinerary tour.

  • Pre-dawn till post dusk (with siesta in hotter months).

  • Available year round.

  • Half-day version available.

Budgie Flock near Alice Springs ©Mark Carter 2016

Budgie Flock near Alice Springs ©Mark Carter 2016

Custom Photo tours

  • Options include target species, raptors, reptiles, macro, night sky, photo essays, drone photography or landscape.

  • Fully customised to achieve your target images.

  • Private portrait sessions with captive animals in controlled yet wild-looking locations available: Thorny Devil, Birds of Prey, Red Kangaroo, Pythons, Goannas, Tree Frogs, Owls.

  • Use of specialist equipment included.


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I would like to book on one of these Photography Tours
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Although the guide is a skilled wildlife photographer please be aware these tours are for those who are confident in the technical operation of their camera equipment and don't require tuition. If you would like to learn more about the art and craft of wildlife and nature photography please consider coming on one of our innovative themed photography workshops led by award-winning experts.